What we do

What we do

We are one of the fastest growing eye care providers in Asia, with network of more than 200 eye speciality hospitals and clinics. We are currently expanding our presence in India, Vietnam, and Thailand.

How we work

A chain of world class eye facilities around the world

Developing world class new facilities and infrastructure specially serving to eye patients

Partnering with local hospitals and clinics to cater the needs of eye patients

We partner with renowned ophthalmologists and their clinic/hospitals across the country and those are associated with the world class facilities and infrastructure

Our stakeholders


Our partnered ophthalmologists network has accessibility to the large pool of patients seeking for the quality treatment and services in their own country. We start connecting patients with the eye experts in their city of choice, patient choose their preferred city and area where they want to get consultation and treatmentsusing our platform. Our Network Clinic has world-class doctors and medical professionals who are not just experts in their field, they are specialists in loving and caring too. with over 30 years of experience they know how to keep your eye healthy, strong and happy. We also have Open Communication Channels with Patient Referral Sources/Targets on a per patient basis for any Enquiry or Collaborative Treatment.

Expat Professionals

We provide one stop solutions to the expats working at different parts of globe for their planned eye surgical treatments

Corporate Employees

Our domestic country team has affiliations with 300+ corporates in order to provide the best eye care services, plans and treatments options across the globe at most affordable prices. We provide regular eye check-ups, specialists consultation and customised packages in case of any surgical needs to the employees of the corporates associated with us.

Commercial Partners

Direct dealsbundled offers and promotional schemes/ benefits provided to our networking hospitals and clinics by our collaboration with leading manufacturers of IOLs, cataract equipment, vitrectomy equipment, consumables, and other ophthalmology devices.


Easy follow-up care, health monitoring and better health outcomes with greater collaboration with specialists and industry experts

We have the eye specialists in the country