VisionHealth clinics that we are building in the U.S. will have significant elective out of pocket paying procedures. More and more physicians recognize that private clinics don’t want to be subjected to insurance rules and want to maintain autonomy, however at the same time doctors want to keep care between doctor and patient. Also, there are third party – insurance players – intervening and dictating care. That’s significantly affected the quality of care in the U.S. and reduced doctors’ income. There is a healthcare trend in the U.S. shifting to patients paying more in private care. VisionHealth’s strategy fits with this general trend toward more cash payment. In many rural U.S. areas, community hospitals depend on the economic survival of their one business. Hospitals are closing or consolidating in rural areas for economic reasons. Many close because they didn’t make enough money or there’s a reduction in reimbursements. The result is less care in those areas now. VisionHealthplans to address this issue with economies of scale. Meanwhile, VisionHealthhas been able to take full advantage of many economies of scale with electronic medical records, resource sharing and centralized equipment because of its large network

Posted on Aug 06, 2019

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