• Private Equity Investors and India Market

    According to a 2014 report by rating agency Crisil Ltd, market for eye care in India is estimated to be worth Rs12,000 crore as of 2013-14, and poised to rise to Rs23,600 crore in the next five years. Reflecting the increased interest of private equity investors in the Indian healthcare sector, several eye cares chains have received private equity funding in the recent past. Other major deals in the eye care space in India include Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC Pte. Ltd’s $100 million investment in Vasan Healthcare, Matrix Partners’ Rs50 crore investment in New Delhi Centre For Sight in 2010 and Eye-Q Super Specialty Eye Hospitals’ Rs60 crore fundraising from the World Bank arm International Finance Corporation, Helion Venture Partners and Nexus Venture Partners in 2015. An ageing and increasingly diabetic population, greater preference for paid eye care, shorter procedures and use of better technology in most treatments will aid a steady rise in people seeking eye care treatments

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  • Vision Health in US

    VisionHealth clinics that we are building in the U.S. will have significant elective out of pocket paying procedures. More and more physicians recognize that private clinics don’t want to be subjected to insurance rules and want to maintain autonomy, however at the same time doctors want to keep care between doctor and patient. Also, there are third party – insurance players – intervening and dictating care. That’s significantly affected the quality of care in the U.S. and reduced doctors’ income. There is a healthcare trend in the U.S. shifting to patients paying more in private care. VisionHealth’s strategy fits with this general trend toward more cash payment. In many rural U.S. areas, community hospitals depend on the economic survival of their one business. Hospitals are closing or consolidating in rural areas for economic reasons. Many close because they didn’t make enough money or there’s a reduction in reimbursements. The result is less care in those areas now. VisionHealthplans to address this issue with economies of scale. Meanwhile, VisionHealthhas been able to take full advantage of many economies of scale with electronic medical records, resource sharing and centralized equipment because of its large network

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  • Protecting Your Most Precious Sense-Your Eyesight

    Our eyes adapt effortlessly to every distance and to all lighting conditions. Our eyes are considered as a miraculous creation of nature, and justifiably so! Today we know that vision provides us with about 80% of all our environmental information. The brain requires more than one third of its entire capacity in order to process the visual impressions which the eye supplies. Reason enough for us to want to preserve our vision for a long, long time!

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  • Increasing Number of Eye Laser Surgeries in Taiwan

    Eye doctors in the Taiwan are expressing confidence in laser eye surgery, or LASIK, despite the safety concerns that a Taiwan specialist raised this week. Ray Tsai, an ophthalmologist and LASIK pioneer, told Taiwan media on Tuesday that he plans to cease performing the surgeries after learning that some patients who had undergone it had experienced sudden losses of vision and had developed other complications. Industry analysts estimate that 1.5 million LASIK eye operations are performed on the mainland a year, each costing at least 6,000 yuan ($953). Wang Enpu, dean of the ophthalmology department of the Air Force General Hospital in Beijing, said no countries or regions in the world have halted LASIK treatments, the efficacy of which has been proved. LASIK is a type of refractive surgery that reshapes the cornea to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, experts said.

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