About us

About Us

We partner with country’s best ophthalmologists through their journey in building world-class eye care centres, backed by the rich & deep operating experience of our team.

We also help patients connect and seek eye treatment with the help of our state-of-the-art hospitals and eye centres worldwide.

Indian Market Focus:

VisionHealth is committed to providing international patients access to high quality and affordable care in Asia. Patients seeking treatment in India, Singapore, and Taiwan, has increased in the recent years, due to the highly developed equipment, prompt diagnosis and affordable medical costs.

We go above and beyond on assisting with various arrangements for our partners as well, that includes establishing advanced eye diagnosis and surgical centres, helping centres to source best equipment and devices, and providing a full access to the local, expat and corporate employees patients to choose and select the best eye care clinics from our network clinics so making it easier for patients to seek treatment at accredited hospitals and clinics located nearby them.

VisionHealth is proud to have partnered with over 200 +clinics worldwide, 30+ Leading Global IOLs and Equipment Manufactures, Serving 1 million+ patients so far across the globe.

We have the best eye specialists in the country